Calcite Production Line

Calcite Production Line Calcite Production Line Calcite Production Line
Calcite Production Line

The application of calcite

  • 1. Rubber and textiles are mostly used as filler calcite powder, prepare glaze for ceramic industry is considerable quantity.
  • 2. Calcite powder can be used as an insecticide.
  • 3. It is also used in the manufacture of cement, calcium carbide, polishing agents, sometimes used as a flux.
  • 4. Many important chemical substances and drugs useful in calcite.
  • 5. Calcite is also an important element in the painting process chalk.

Calcite processing process

Large calcite materials with a hopper by feeder evenly into the jaw broken primary crushing.After the early broken, material by belt conveyor to cone in secondary crushing.Secondary crushing these materials to the vibrating screen again after separation.After the separation, will be the final product conforms to the standard part, the rest of the material is broken into cone broken again, and form a closed cycle model.Finished product granularity according to customers special to connect and grading.

Calcite powder grinding process

Vibrating feeder will calcite materials evenly into the flour mill, grinding was carried out on the material, after the grinding will be blower air blown into the cyclone separator. Then the calcite material will be through the pipe into the storeroom and is discharged as finished product. The whole process of flour production is carried out in vacuum environment.