Brunei Construction Waste Crushing Production Line

Brunei Construction Waste Crushing Plant Brunei Construction Waste Crushing Plant Brunei Construction Waste Crushing Plant
Brunei Construction Waste Crushing Plant

1. Project background

Introduction to the construction waste crushing industry

Construction waste is a kind of solid waste, mainly include sediment, soil, concrete, mud, steel and other wastes.The accumulation of traditional landfill method covers, pollution and safety problems, and the construction waste recycling and industrialization is recognized as one of the fundamental.After building garbage sorting, crushing, screening, can form packing and recycled aggregate, the former can be used as landfill materials, the latter mainly as raw materials for the regeneration of brick and recycled concrete.In recent years, the construction waste recycling industry rapid development throughout the world, especially the shortage of less people and more resources of the developed countries.Therefore, construction waste crushing industry will be a continued market growth point.

Brunei survey and construction waste broken market situation

Brunei is one of the richest countries in the world, GDP per capita of $2011 in 48333, mainly in crude oil and natural gas as the pillar industry, but the land area of only 5765 square kilometers, an area smaller than Shanghai, population of more than 40, wang belongs to the typical countries of rich countries.In recent years, the brunei government supported by relatively ample fiscal, dominated by the government to carry out the housing, roads, garbage disposal, water conservancy, airport expansion and so on a number of infrastructure projects.Among them, the garbage disposal project being built in (to) including the first open-air dump renovation project and second phase of modernization of waste transport and treatment station.According to its installation engineer feedback, the garbage broken line established by clients in a large garbage disposal field, thus speculate that the construction waste treatment projects is only part of garbage disposal project.

The construction waste crushing production line project by the west Chicago international trade sales, by middlemen Aggregates Engineering (Singapore) to sell to the local company (presumably Butir Quarry) and the government.Among them, the dealer is mainly engaged in crushing, grinding, sorting equipment sales and the overall scheme design and so on, in the local area and asean, the us, the UK and other overseas business case.But not collected for the local government of laws and regulations of construction waste treatment, project planning, construction waste raw material supply, finished product use information.

2. Configuration and process of crushing line

Configuration of the production line

From equipment selection, installation, commissioning, and so on and so forth, the scale of construction waste treatment plant, the production line configuration is flexible and effective, as shown in figure 1.Construction waste material by truck to plant, preprocessing in the first place.Preprocessing includes a hydraulic hammer will be a large piece of material is reduced, and arrange workers will too long steel cut, to prevent damage to the transmission belt.Material into the jaw broken after pretreatment, discharging mouth set to 100 mm, the counter as two breaking and handling returns, discharging mouth set to 50 mm.Practical use shows that the jaw broken can be easily broken, with reinforced concrete and steel bar cutting separation, reinforced by iron remover effectively separated.Finely effect is very good at the same time, the production line, jaw and countering breaking Shared a vibrating screen, finished product is screen is divided into 0 ~ 5 and 5 mm to 50 mm.The whole production process is very stable and effective, customers get the praise.Actual production line pictures, with the construction waste materials, in addition to the iron and steel scrap heap as shown in figure 2.(is the production line customer design)

crushing line's configuration and process diagram

The key technology and operation situation

Due to the production line actual working condition has existed in the raw material is not stable, small capacity, raw material is relatively large, the characteristics of high content of steel body, so the production line configuration and process is different from the common crushed stone production line.

  • (1) Choose small devices, hydraulic hammer pretreatment are adopted to decrease the feed particle size at the same time, low cost, high efficiency;
  • (2) Due to a material containing fine jaw broken material is more, and the whole production line capacity is small, so using a sieve handle jaw and countering breaking out at the same time;
  • (3) Using iron remover separation of waste steel, very effective;
  • (4) High field feedback production line production, little wear and tear, discharging mouth set is very large, but the discharging granularity has very fine.

3. Summary

According to brunei and broken line engineering experience, as well as the prophase research analysis, summed up the characteristics of the construction waste crushing industry:

(1) The government dominant or guidance. Construction waste recycling industry itself is a small profit, even is unprofitable, its development must rely on government support, so in the economic developed, strained resources of the country or city development is good, with city large-scale demolition and reconstruction, the corresponding environmental protection laws and regulations issued by an opportunity for development.At present, the domestic and international construction waste crushing the market demand presents the fast growth trend.

(2) Social benefit is very obvious. Construction waste resource recovery can fundamentally solve the problem of waste and pollution, protect the environment and resources, wide attention by society.Industry related businesses to enhance the brand awareness and image in society.

(3) With special technical requirements. Construction waste crushing with general sand and gravel crushing technology, but for sorting (with the exception of iron and clay, light impurity removal, etc.) the demand is higher, incoming material is not stable, in the process of crushing the reinforced hard objects, such as need to increase the production line according to particular case accessories, adjust crusher and wiring technology, production line configuration flexibility requirement is a bit high, but the development difficulty is not great.

The above situation and analysis is for reference only, the company relevant departments according to actual situation further discussion.