Australian 150 TPH Stone Crushing Screening Line

Australian 150 TPH Stone Crushing Screening Line Australian 150 TPH Stone Crushing Screening Line Australian 150 TPH Stone Crushing Screening Line
Australian 150 TPH Stone Crushing Screening Line

Case analysis

  • Australian 150 TPH Stone Crushing Screening Line
  • Ingredients: limestone
  • Feed particle size: 500-600 - mm
  • Discharging granularity: seven different particle size requirements
  • Production: about 150 t/h

Machining process

First of all, the big materials have a truck or excavator to vibrating feeder (GZD1100 * 4200), and then vibrating feeder evenly into the jaw broken (PE750 * 1060) in the crushing cavity.Because PE750 * 1060 the crushing cavity jaw crusher feed particle size can be up to 630 mm, so the grain size is 500-600 - mm material it can be used for primary crushing.The material by PE750 * 1060 jaw crusher broken, granularity into 80-140 - mm.The first step and broken.

Customers in order to achieve product granularity for seven different levels of demand, we have to have by PE750 * 1060 jaw crusher processed materials are broken again.At the same time, considering the hardness of materials (limestone) broken wash, we are prepared to impact selected as secondary crushing equipment.Due to the impact broken hard materials in the crushing of large capacity, high output, the advantages of the product standardization of grain shape, it is widely used in the client.Since this is a production of 150 t/h production line, we plan for the customer to choose PE1315 models of impact as a secondary crushing equipment.PE1315 impact broken feed particle size can be up to 200 mm, so it can has broken jaw broken processed material.

After jaw with the impact of primary crushing breaking of secondary crushing, material particle size have been basically has reached the requirement of the customer, but we are now facing the problem is how to sorted according to their size.Now what we need is an aggregate according to the particle size can be divided into different levels of special sieve, multi-level, the structure is stable and reliable, high screening efficiency of vibrating screen can meet the requirement.According to the output of 150 t/h, we recommend the model for the customer for the 3 yk2160 and 3 yk1548 sieve.

Impact of processed material will be the first by belt conveyor into the model for the 3 yk2160 sieve, three different particle size of materials at this time will be screening out (bigger size), in the top 3 yk2160 sieve material by belt conveyor and then into 3 yk1548 sieve screening, and other four kinds of different particle size materials jiangbei screening out (small size).At this point, the whole stone crushing screening production line.

Feedback from the user

Our customers for the reasonable design, high efficiency, economic and practical crushing screening production line are very satisfied.The customer technical indexes of the production line and high economic benefits have very good evaluation.